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Epilepsy Foundation

January 3, 2020


The Epilepsy Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps people living with seizures overcome the challenges of epilepsy by finding cures, advancing research, advocacy, and more. The organization offers programs to help people living with epilepsy as well as family and friends of patients and features many resources and documents that are helpful to the general public.



The Epilepsy Foundation’s website features many different sections with helpful information and resources for people with seizures. In the Learn section, users can find helpful videos and answers to common questions. In Living With Epilepsy, there are various actionable items where users can find a specialist, call a 24/7 helpline, learn about legal rights, and much more.



In the Learn section, there are many different sections with information and resources specific to an epilepsy topic. Users can watch videos about what to do when someone has a seizure, manage emotional health, first aid, and much more. There are also learning networks with webinars, news, press releases, and other updates.


Living With Epilepsy

The Epilepsy Foundation has many resources that can really help people living with epilepsy. There is a 24/7 helpline that users can either call or submit questions online to reach a trained professional who can help patients with anything related to epilepsy. Users can find a local epilepsy foundation or a specialist who can treat the condition. There are even specific sections for youth, women, and patients and caregivers.


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