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Snug Safety

January 3, 2020


Snug is an app that checks in on seniors who live alone. It works by prompting responses from users. The app uses reminders and location services to help users if they are unable to respond. When the app opens it allows users to list their emergency contacts to be reached in the event of an emergency. There is a “Dispatch Yearly” subscription for $99.99 a year or a “Dispatch Monthly” subscription for $9.99 a month. 



Snug offers immediate assistance to help users with their conditions, such as epilepsy, by allowing them to list emergency contacts and by contacting the helpline for Snug safety management. The inspirational quotes may help with motivation, however many of its other features require upgrading to a paid subscription. The app’s paid subscription can help those with seizures and their loved ones reach people and services they may need in the event of a seizure.



The app opens with an inspirational quote to help motivate users to handle different medical conditions such as seizures. It allows users to check-in with a phone call. This links to a phone number that opens with the automated message of check-in with Snug management safety. Users can check in, cancel accounts, or speak with someone from the Snug team. Users can pause their account by choosing ‘Pause Snug for vacation”.



In order to use the dispatch contact services, users must upgrade to one of the paid subscriptions. It would be helpful if the users were allowed to use the app’s primary dispatch services to see how well they respond to seizures on a free trial basis to decide if it is worth the purchase. Instead of marketing the app to only assist seniors with their conditions and lives, it could be more broad to also include helping other ages with conditions, such as epilepsy, that may require daily assistance.

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