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Seizure Log

January 3, 2020


Seizure Log is an app that requires a account to remind users when to use a seizure prevention device, anti-seizure medications, or capture and record seizure events. When the app opens users can see the different sections at the bottom of the screen: Events, Sync, Quick Capture, Graphs, and More. The ‘More” section is divided into rescue meds, Vagus Nerve Stimulation therapy (VNS) usages, help, and settings. 



Seizure Log allows users to record seizures by noting events and using a phone camera. Under “Quick Capture” users can record seizures, then note the date, length, type, mood, triggers, and description as an event. It would be better if the app gave a tutorial because it requires syncing to a account, a phone camera, a Vagus Nerve Stimulation “VNS” device, and YouTube to work properly.



VNS or “Vagus Nerve Stimulation” therapy is a useful tool to help prevent seizures by sending mild pulses of electrical energy to the brain. This does require purchasing a VNS device to transmit the electric pulses. When the user has the device it can be synced to their phone and the Seizure Log app. Users can adjust the times when the device sends pulses and the alert tones within the app. The “Rescue Medications” section within “More” and settings is also a helpful reminder for when to take anti-seizure medications.



Under “More” and “Settings” there is a login section to access YouTube within the app. It requires a Google account to login. However, after the user logs in, Google states the app isn’t safe and prevents a connection to YouTube. The app opens with no tutorial on how to sync it to a account. Most of the app’s functions require this syncing capability, so some explanation on how to sync would be useful when navigating the app.

Mobile Apps

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