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January 3, 2020


SeizAlarm is an app that times seizures and contacts emergency services, when needed. The app opens by allowing the user to enter profile and emergency contact information. The ALERTS service is only offered for a 2 week free trial. This lets users manually or automatically ask for help if seizure-like motion is detected. On the home screen users can log seizure activity by selecting “Time-Delayed Help”. This counts down the time help is requested for 1 minute. If they select “Help Now” a helpline will be immediately contacted. The log section displays logged seizure activity by day, month, and year. Activity can be shared with emergency contacts in the “Contact” section.



SeizAlarm helps users reach emergency contacts or first responders in the event of a seizure. They can click “Time Delayed Help” to count down from 1 minute when help is contacted or click “Help Now”. There is also an iPhone motion detection where the app detects users’ movements. If they seem to be experiencing a seizure help is contacted. The automated phone call users receive can be misleading if users simply selected the wrong button. 



The app offers iPhone motion detection where it can detect if a seizure is possibly occurring by the users’ motion when holding their phone. In the “Log” section users can open a journal and add any notes to seizure events. This includes duration, type, mood, and triggers. Users can see how often seizures occur over time by 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year to notice trends in their seizure activity.



If users select ‘Time Delayed Help” or Help Now” and a seizure request is sent, the user is contacted by phone, text, and email. The automated phone call just asks the user to acknowledge that a request has been sent. It would be more helpful if it allowed the user to acknowledge if they sent the request by mistake so they know emergency contacts or first responders have not been contacted.

Mobile Apps

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