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January 3, 2020


myChildren’s is an app with resources, such as doctors and locations, for parents to use for their child’s health conditions. The app opens by allowing users to create an account and enter their child’s health information. This includes age, gender, location, medications, and timeline events. The home screen displays favorites, notifications, an urgent care location, and social linking features. Locations lists different types of healthcare locations. Under “Find a Doc” users can search or browse doctors and locations and add them to their favorites list.



myChildren’s has many useful features including a social feature with a “Health Library” with different medical conditions such as epilepsy. Under “Urgent Care” parents can read the tips for deciding when they should take their child to urgent care or an emergency room. However, there are some bugs that need to be fixed. This includes the notifications section, where it appears there is always a notification waiting to be opened. 



The “Social” feature lets users share special child events and learn about health conditions, such as epilepsy, through the “Health Library”. Flutter within the “Social” feature offers inspirational stories for parents to read to gain encouragement through their child’s struggles. The “Urgent Care” section offers tips to decide when it’s necessary to take a child to urgent care or an emergency department (ED). The “Locations” section lists locations for different types of conditions. There is even an epilepsy center that parents may find useful for a child with epilepsy.



The app’s notification section continually displays a “1” over an envelope, suggesting that there is a notification. When it is clicked it says there are no new messages. This can be bothersome and confusing for users who continually look for notifications to help with their child’s epilepsy. Under the “Find a Doc” section users can search for doctors and services through a search feature or browse all the ones available in the U.S. It would be more helpful if they used the location services to list doctors and locations within a specific mile radius.

Mobile Apps

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