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ICE Medical Standard

January 3, 2020


In Case of an Emergency (ICE) Standard is an emergency assistance app that helps users with identification and contact in the event of an emergency, such as a seizure. The opens with the ICE home screen that allows users to enter profile information such as name, risk, address, emergency contacts, health conditions, medication, allergies, and insurance info. The “Auto” screen lets users enter their insurance information so it can be easily referenced in case of an accident, possibly caused by a seizure. The “Wallpaper” screen allows users to set their health information as a lock screen so first responders can see it when they touch the users’ phone.



ICE Standard lets users enter health information into a profile so it can be referenced by others when an emergency occurs, such as a seizure. If the seizure requires attention by first responders, they can see the user’s health and insurance information if the user sets this as their wallpaper. However, it doesn’t give information as to who should be contacted when different types of seizures occur. The app has a basic grey font for noting where to enter health information. This can be easily overlooked by those quickly scanning the app.



The home (ICE) screen can help users easily contact loved ones or healthcare professionals, in the event of a seizure. By setting the users lock screen to their health information in the “Wallpaper” section, first responders and those nearby can see health and insurance information as quickly as possible when a person has a seizure. The emergency images can also be shared via Facebook and a printed emergency card can be ordered.



ICE Standard is useful for contacting help in the event of a seizure, however, there could be more information as to who is contacted. For example, information would be helpful if a certain type of seizure needs first responders. Also, the font on the home (ICE) screen for health profile information is listed in grey. This can be hard for users to see and even more difficult for them to note the importance of entering their information.

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