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August 3, 2020


Epsy is a free app for people living with epilepsy. Dealing with a medical condition like epilepsy isn’t easy. You have to take a number of medications, avoid seizures as best you can, and find out what’s triggering your seizures whenever you do have them. Everyone with epilepsy has their own way of managing their condition, but they can all agree that it’s difficult. With the Epsy app, the goal is to make living with epilepsy easier.



When you download Epsy, you’ll be able to keep track of every aspect of your epilepsy, including the medications you take, the seizures you experience, and any other related events such as auras. After you have recovered from a seizure or when you experience something such as an aura, simply open the app and log the event on the main screen. After logging a number of seizures, auras, or other side effects, you can use Epsy to detect any potential patterns that may be occurring and find out why the event occurred. You can also log your daily mental state, in case you think your mental health and your seizures might be connected–as they often are. People with epilepsy usually need to take multiple doses of medication throughout the day and it’s common to forget to take a dose. But with Epsy, you won’t need to remember to take your meds–simply set up a medication reminder within the app and you’re good to go.


Personalized Reports

Epsy allows you to create a personalized report, which includes every bit of data you’ve logged into the app. Once you have your report, you can share it with your doctor to build a new treatment plan or make changes to your existing regimen.


Educate Yourself & Others

The Epsy app also includes a “Content” section, where you can find a trove of articles and stories on epilepsy. This handy feature keeps you up to date with new treatment options, recommended lifestyle changes, and other medical developments. All this info is from trusted sources, so you can be sure you’re getting quality material. Share what you’ve read with friends, family, coworkers, or other people you know with epilepsy.



If you happen to have an Apple Watch, you can log your events with just a few taps – everything you record is synced with the Epsy app. In addition, Epsy is compatible with Apple Health, making it easier to keep track of your info within Apple’s ecosystem.

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Epsy is a free app for people living with epilepsy. Dealing with a medical condition like epilepsy isn’t easy. You have to…

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