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Epilepsy Journal

January 3, 2020


Epilepsy Journal is a diary app where users can time seizures, list contributing factors, and reference them in a calendar. The home screen opens with a weekly schedule where seizures are displayed and a large button labeled “seizure” where seizures can be timed and documented. When “seizure” is pressed the screen immediately changes to the seizure documentation screen and the timer begins. Users can stop the timer at any time.



Users can log seizures and see them displayed over time. Being able to see the weekly, monthly, and yearly seizures helps identify trends in how and why seizures occur. Clicking the seizure button can help those close by record the length of a seizure. The app would be more helpful if it differentiated the types of seizure when displayed over time.



On the “seizure” screen users can stop the automatic timer for timing a seizure. This screen also helps users document seizures by selecting what type of seizure occurred, any possible triggers, activity, location, and any notes. Users can see trends in their seizure occurrences by viewing them in the weekly calendar display on the home screen. The home screen also automatically times how long it’s been since a seizure occurred.



Even though the app does show trends by displaying seizures over time by week, month, and year, it doesn’t separate by the different types of seizures. This would be more useful when users generate a report or email results to their doctors. The “Medications” section should allow users to enter or select their medications. However, it only allows them to document that they used medication when a seizure occurred.

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