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The Impact of Mindfulness Meditation in Veterans With Epilepsy

January 2, 2020


In this trial investigators will study mindfulness as a treatment for veterans who have epilepsy and see if it reduces ER visits, PTSD, seizure frequency, and other factors. The experimental group will receive mindful meditation every week for 8 weeks while the waitlist group will also be monitored until they also receive the treatment. Physicians will recruit patients who are treated in the epilepsy clinic at the Miami Veteran hospital. 


Study Information

Participants will be assigned to either the experimental group, which will receive weekly mindful meditation, and the waitlist group, which will continue to receive standard care and will be randomly assigned to a group in the second phase of the trial. Both groups will have an appointment with a clinical psychologist to fill out a questionnaire. After the recruitment process, all of the patients who have been waitlisted will be given the chance to participate in mindfulness meditation. Physicians will not know which patients are assigned to which group during data collection.


Inclusion Criteria


  • Diagnosis of epilepsy, according to the using the 2014 International League Against Epilepsy criteria
  • Adults over the age of 18
  • Willingness to participate in mindfulness meditation sessions weekly for 8 weeks
  • Being able to read at a 6th grade level.
  • Being able to understand the study, consent form, and guided instructions during mindfulness meditation.


Exclusion Criteria


  • Having an isolated diagnosis of psychogenic non-epileptic seizures.
  • Having a diagnosis of major neurocognitive disorder previously known as dementia which would make the patient unable to follow guided instructions during mindfulness meditation.



Miami VA Healthcare System

Miami, Florida, United States, 33125

Contact: Maria Lopez, MD    



Miami VA Healthcare System

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